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How can Zhuoyi tethered UAV help the rapid fire fighting and rescue of urban high-rise buildings?

How can Zhuoyi tethered UAV help the rapid fire fighting and rescue of urban high-rise buildings?

Release time:2022-01-28


Innovation drives change

Although human technology has developed rapidly in recent years, the fire rescue of high-rise buildings has always been a worldwide problem. There are many pain points in the actual use of the traditional ladder + fire truck mode:

1.There is no effective fire fighting and rescue means outside the high-rise buildings above 100 meters.

It is reported that the highest altitude vehicle in the world is only 113 meters, and the highest jet of high jet vehicle is only about 80 meters。

2.All round rescue operation is difficult.

Most high-rise buildings only have a fire climbing operation surface on one side, which actually requires 360 degree all-round fire fighting and rescue.

3.Long operation time of traditional equipment.

Most platforms need 8 minutes to rise to the top, and can only work in the environment below level 6 wind。


At present, it has become a trend to replace traditional rescue methods with aircraft. Fixed wing aircraft and helicopter aircraft are too large to implement urban fire fighting operations; Due to the lack of endurance and load capacity, the multi rotor UAV cannot achieve long-term fire-fighting operations, resulting in frequent take-off and landing, which is easy to miss the best rescue opportunity; Therefore, how to improve the load capacity and long-term stagnant flight ability, how to approach the target to accurately extinguish the fire source, and how to prevent it from being interfered by various signals to ensure the safe operation of unmanned aerial vehicles are the difficulties of high-rise building fire fighting and rescue?

Intelligent black technology helps high-rise buildings to put out fire quickly and efficiently

Tethered UAV It is a kind of unmanned aerial vehicle equipment that obtains uninterrupted energy by connecting the ground power supply system with photoelectric composite cables. It can realize 24-hour uninterrupted hover in the air. It can mount fire hoses, extinguishing agents, fire bombs and other fire-fighting and reconnaissance equipment as needed, and can take off and land automatically and hover autonomously with one button. In the process of fire extinguishing, the UAV takes rapid climbing and precise fire extinguishing as the core, adopts multi-sensor data fusion technology, and cooperates with high-rise fire engines to effectively evaluate the fire situation through real-time high-definition video, accurately promote water-based extinguishing agents and special fire-fighting devices to the fire location of high-rise buildings, and guide the UAV to continuously spray high-temperature points to achieve rapid fire control; After the open fire is extinguished, the thermal imaging sensor can be used to identify the hidden fire point or high-temperature point at the fire site, and the secondary injection can be implemented to finally eliminate the embers to prevent re ignition.

Advantages of tethered UAV:

1.Long time uninterrupted operation.

The ground power supply can carry heavy loads and hover for a long time without frequent take-off and landing. It meets the needs of continuous fire fighting in the designated area, and is of great significance in the fire-fighting scene.

2.Simple operation.

The tethered UAV only needs to take off, land and hover in the vertical direction. After intelligent and automatic design, the tethered UAV only needs to set the height, and then it can take off and land with one key to carry out the fire-fighting task.

3.Good safety.

Multi sensor fusion technology ensures the safety and reliability of UAV flight control system.

The UAV platform has multi-point temperature sensing, real-time monitoring of operation status in high temperature environment and early warning, which has higher safety.

The electronic fence and mooring cable are double restrained, and the flight range is safe and controllable.



Model selection of tethered UAV

At present, for the fire suppression of urban high-rise buildings, the company has specially developed a ts-x12 heavy-duty high-rise fire suppression tether UAV with strong mobility, convenient operation, rapid response and long-term stagnation, which can help fire rescue quickly carry out fire suppression and fire situation monitoring.