Company headquarters

Beijing Zhuoyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2015, is committed to the development, simulation, testing and training of unmanned systems.

Sales cooperation

contact number:010-62064221

Marketing activities

contact number:010-62064221

Talent recruitment

contact number:010-6206422 to 8001

Technical support

contact number:010-62064221


Huailai factory

Zhuoyi intelligent subsidiary

Address:Building 10, artificial intelligence Industrial Park, donghuayuan Town, Huailai County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province

contact number:010-62064221

Xi'an R & D Center

Xi'an Zhuoyi Zhihang Technology Co., Ltd

Address:Room 1429, 14th floor, block B, Yinhe, Hongguang Avenue, Fengdong new town, Xixian New District, Shaanxi Province

contact number:010-62064221

Changsha R & D Center

Changsha Zhuoyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Address:Full floor-680, 1st and 2nd floors, business office building, block B, Tianxin Software Industrial Park, No. 66-68, Xinling Road, Tianxin District, Changsha City, Hunan Province

contact number:010-62064221