High efficiency and high power motor
Tethered flight:≥12h
Grade 6 wind resistance
Rich load
Super power and more loads With six axis and twelve rotor power layout, the load capacity is greater and the wind resistance is stronger.
Highly intelligent vehicle automatic take-off and landing

Highly intelligent vehicle automatic take-off and landing

Highly intelligent vehicle automatic take-off and landing

Strong military quality drive The four axis and eight rotor power layout scheme is adopted, which has strong power, large load and strong wind resistance.
Military grade quality, high and low temperature, shock, electromagnetic compatibility, high altitude flight capability.
Super large load force diversified transportation platform The tianshu-a8 tethered DRONE platform has strong adaptability. It can be used in fixed ground, on-board and airborne applications. It can mount diversified loads according to application requirements.
It can mount and carry photoelectric pod, radar, communication base station and radio station
Photoelectric podZhuoyi DRONE
Let base stationZhuoyi DRONE
radarZhuoyi DRONE
radio stationZhuoyi DRONE
Industrial Applications 行业应用

emergency communication

High altitude reconnaissance and monitoring

electronic countermeasure

military project

Aerial lighting

fire control

emergency communication-Zhuoyi DRONE
emergency communication Combined with the advantages of tethered DRONE's continuous ground power supply and long-term air stagnation flight, a variety of flexible communication application configurations are formed by attaching various communication loads such as LTE micro base stations, ad hoc radio stations, and clustered micro base stations, so as to quickly open communication services in the core area.
-Zhuoyi DRONELTE micro base station
index parameter index parameter
Load capacity 15kg Positioning mode Gps/ Beidou navigation / differential RTK
Increase the lift off height 200m Wind resistance Level 6
Hover time ≥12h Rainproof performance moderate rain
Maximum automatic following speed 40km/h working temperature -40°C~55°C(relative humidity90%)
Horizontal hover accuracy / vertical hover accuracy 1.5m/0.5m System power supply 220V/380Valternating current
Angle control accuracy Deployment / withdrawal time ≤10min/2人