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Product recommendation | Yufeng xingzhan Hongyi, dual-mode six rotor UAV - Zhuoyi ts-x6

Product recommendation | Yufeng xingzhan Hongyi, dual-mode six rotor UAV - Zhuoyi ts-x6

Release time:2022-08-08

Ts-x6 dual mode six rotor UAV,It is a six rotor tethered UAV product independently developed by Zhuoyi intelligent. The wheelbase of the whole machine is 1600 mm, the maximum tethered flight height is 200 m, the maximum net load is 10 kg, and the free flight time can be up to 90 minutes (12 hours in tethered mode). Relying on the independent development of military technology and adopting the carbon fiber integrated molding process, the wind resistance is up to level 6, the flight is stable and reliable, and the operation is intuitive and convenient. One aircraft is multi-purpose, and there are two working modes of tethered flight and free flight, and there is no pressure to perform composite flight tasks. Modular quick disassembly design, flexible application. Multi load installation, which can be quickly replaced according to the actual application scenario, can meet the needs of strong light lighting, material throwing, emergency broadcasting, toxic gas detection, search and rescue and other tasks.

01Feature advantages

One machine with multiple functions and flexible switching

Tethered flight and free flight dual-mode operation, which can be flexibly changed as needed to meet the needs of different operating environments.

Weather proof, safe and reliable

Relying on independent development of military technology, industrial product design, 6-level wind resistance, no fear of wind and rain, safe and reliable.

Flexible application, lightweight and durable

Carbon fiber integrated molding process, rapid arm plugging design, simple and convenient operation.

Multi load installation

It can mount load modules such as photoelectric pod, emergency communication, lighting, shouting, harmful gas monitoring, etc., and support quick disassembly and replacement on site.

02Application scenario

High performance, multi-purpose, performing a variety of complex professional tasks

Strong light illumination

With the increasing diversity and complexity of night lighting demand, UAV combines the advantages of tethered UAV Ground continuous power supply and long-time stagnant flight. By mounting high-power and ultra-high brightness LED lights, it can achieve 24-hour continuous air lighting. The coverage is wider and the brightness is higher. It can be transmitted to the background in real time through video recording equipment to understand the site conditions at any time.


emergency communication

The UAV forms a variety of flexible communication application configuration modes by mounting various communication loads such as LTE micro base stations, ad hoc radio stations, and cluster micro base stations, and quickly opens communication services in the core area.


Emergency broadcast

The UAV is equipped with an aerial microphone, which is convenient for the commander to give a wide range of messages and prompts to the accident site, provide high-altitude guidance to the rescue personnel, calm the masses' emotions, and effectively control the on-site personnel.


Search and rescue

The UAV can conduct long-time, multi angle and large-scale monitoring on the ground by mounting photoelectric equipment, acquire more comprehensive image information of the target area, and quickly conduct search and rescue.

Toxic gas detection

The UAV carries toxic and harmful gas detectors to identify and monitor the concentration of toxic gas in emergencies and effectively control the monitoring area.