System Architecture 系统架构
Scenario editing tool Simulation seat 3D visual display Two dimensional situation display Evaluation and analysis tools Return visit record Data record playback tool
Tools Introduction 工具介绍
Scenario editing tool software The scenario editing tool software is mainly composed of five modules: simulation model system, scenario specification and scenario editing module, command and control behavior modeling, scheme management module and force deployment.
Two dimensional situation display tool The two-dimensional situation display software is secondary developed based on GIS platform. The data source of the two-dimensional situation is mainly the simulation engine framework, which classifies and discriminates the simulation data and provides it to the situation display component. The memory sharing mechanism is used to achieve real-time data acquisition, and the memory sharing mode is used to read and write. After obtaining the simulation data, analyze each data packet, generate situation data, and provide it to the situation display component for use.
3D situation display tool Based on UE4 real-time 3D rendering engine, this platform develops a real-time scene software for combat simulation, which can receive all entity simulation data in the simulation system and display them in the scene in real time. It supports self-designed and imported 3D scenes and models, and the operation is very simple. Support the direct use of massive 3D scenes and models in UE4 scene library; At the same time, it supports the production of 3D scenes and models by using software such as 3ds Max and AutoCAD and importing them into UE4, supports the import of global super terrain and maps, and supports the import of osgb+cesium tilt photography visual map.
Guiding tool The guidance and adjustment system is a key component of the integrated framework of the general simulation platform, which provides guidance and control functions for simulation activities and improves the operation performance of the simulation system. The commissioning personnel issue the commissioning command through the commissioning system, change the object attributes, interactive parameters, simulation environment, etc., and produce different experimental results, which is helpful to check, verify and evaluate the results, and finally improve the operation performance of the simulation system.
Recording and playback tools Recording and playback play an important role in simulation system. Through playback, the drill or trainees can analyze the tactical or operational problems in the simulation after the simulation process; Various strategies designed in advance can also be evaluated. It is convenient for the evaluation of simulation results, post analysis and online monitoring of the simulation platform.
Analysis and evaluation tools The system combat effectiveness evaluation is mainly to analyze and evaluate the simulation data and training data generated in the process of simulation or training according to the evaluation index system and evaluation algorithm, obtain the evaluation results, and customize the evaluation report. The formats provided by the comprehensive evaluation subsystem include text format, Excel format, XML format, database, and scenario playback files of the deduction and verification subsystem.
  • Scenario editing tool software
  • Two dimensional situation display tool
  • 3D situation display tool
  • Guiding tool
  • Recording and playback tools
  • Analysis and evaluation tools
系统运行流程 System operation process
Real/simulator 实装/模拟器
Simulation of unmanned system with finer granularity The combat simulation deduction of UAV system involves two different dimensions of simulation. One is the deduction of the overall combat logic process based on the coarser granularity of the simulation platform, and the other is the deduction of the process based on the finer granularity of the unmanned simulation system, which is oriented to the actual installation and simulator operation of semi physical UAV, the verification of underlying model technology, real data simulation, and the presentation of three-dimensional battlefield environment.
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