High altitude monitoring The tethered unmanned aerial vehicle (DRONE) can carry out long-time, multi angle and large-scale monitoring on the ground from a commanding position, and obtain more comprehensive image information of the target area. Learn more >
Air relay The tethered floating communication relay platform is a pick-up truck carriage platform, equipped with a long-range autonomous follow-up tethered UAV, and equipped with an ultra short wave FM radio to realize battlefield communication relay over 130 kilom Learn more >
Battle command Through the air cluster communication platform of the tethered DRONE, the headquarters sends the cluster voice command to acquire the trajectory, video and other information collected by the individual equipment of the combat personnel for real-time battl Learn more >
Electronic countermeasure Unmanned aircraft loaded with electronic countermeasure equipment and used for electronic countermeasure can be deployed flexibly in the field, and can conduct rapid and long-term investigation, greatly expanding the scope of investigation. Learn more >
Emergency communication The tethered UAV and base station equipment can quickly form a temporary base station to ensure the signal coverage of the nearby area, and can be used for communication support in emergency and complex scenarios such as disaster relief, large-scale activ Learn more >
Aerial lighting Carry portable aerial lighting equipment to realize long-time lighting at night at the disaster rescue site. Learn more >
Combat simulation deduction An unmanned battlefield simulation environment has been built in an all-round way, which can be applied to the overall evaluation of unmanned combat system and the joint combat experiment and exercise of unmanned combat system. Learn more >
High rise building fire fighting There are few effective outdoor fire fighting and rescue means for high-rise buildings above 100 meters. Learn more >
Forest fire fighting The complex forest environment, winding mountain roads and dense trees have blocked the field of vision of the forest rangers. The field of vision of the ground end observation method is limited, and the problem points are difficult to be found in time. Learn more >
Disaster rescue In recent years, debris flows, landslides, earthquakes and other disasters have occurred frequently. Disaster rescue sites often face the problems of public network paralysis, road damage, and personnel search and rescue difficulties. Learn more >
Emergency lighting Time is life. Continuous operation at night is required in the process of emergency rescue. Ensuring good lighting conditions is an important part of rescue operations. Learn more >
Education and scientific research Feisi laboratory makes unmanned intelligent scientific research easier! Learn more >
On board solutions Integrated radar detection, photoelectric tracking, wireless detection, link interference, navigation deception and other main UAV reconnaissance and countermeasures equipment and communication, command, power and other support equipment Learn more >
Radio system solutions The "listening Assassin" system includes radio detection equipment, measurement and control link interference equipment, navigation deception equipment, etc. through information fusion and strategic control, it forms an automatic defense capability for im Learn more >