High altitude monitoring Real time transmission of field image, video, voice and other operational data to quickly control the field situation
Application overview 应用概述
High altitude monitoring - UAV can quickly arrive at the scene, quickly collect real-time data such as images, videos and voice of the battle scene, and transmit them to the command center in real time, so that the command center can control the situation
technology roadmap 技术路线
技术路线-Zhuoyi DRONE
total solution 解决方案
Tianshu ts-a8 Tianshu dual-mode unmanned aerial vehicle ts-a8 can conduct 24-hour high-altitude video monitoring on the border and sensitive areas by mounting 30x or more high-definition video pods. Load and software
30x HD dual light pod-Zhuoyi DRONE 30x HD dual light pod
Tianshu ts-a8-Zhuoyi DRONE
Ts-a12 Ts-a12 combines the advantages of the tethered DRONE's continuous power supply on the ground and long-time stagnant flight. By mounting the photoelectric equipment load, it can monitor the ground for a long time, from multiple angles and in a large range, and can be seen at a glance from the air Load and software
Ts-a12-Zhuoyi DRONE