Battle command Air cluster communication of tethered DRONE, rapid deployment of operational plan and real-time assessment of operational situation
Application overview 应用概述
By tethering the UAV air trunking communication platform, the headquarters issues the command of trunking voice combat, and obtains the trajectory, video and other information collected by the individual equipment of the combatants for real-time battlefie
technology roadmap 技术路线
技术路线-Zhuoyi DRONE Command link Military command post Command link Relay link ≥ 30km 200 meters Battlefield subnet 1 200 meters Battlefield subnet 2
total solution 解决方案
Tianshu ts-a8 Tianshu ts-a8 is equipped with an air microphone, which is convenient for the commander to give a wide range of warnings to the accident site, provide high-altitude guidance to the rescue personnel, calm the masses, and effectively control the on-site personnel. Load and software
 Communications Relay-Zhuoyi DRONE Communications Relay
Ad hoc network / trunking communication equipment-Zhuoyi DRONE Ad hoc network / trunking communication equipment
Tianshu ts-a8-Zhuoyi DRONE