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Core case | multi UAV cooperative position control project of Nankai University

Core case | multi UAV cooperative position control project of Nankai University

Release time:2022-01-28

Project Name: unmanned aerial vehicle outdoor collaborative handling project of Nankai University

Site: Outdoor

Key words: UAV cluster collaborative control


  Project background

The application research of multi-agent theory began in the mid-1980s, and has shown a significant growth trend in recent years. Especially in the past 10 years, the theory and technology of agents and multi-agent systems have frequently appeared in the design of a large number of application systems. At present, multi-agent systems have been widely used in the fields of aircraft formation, sensor networks, data fusion, multi machine collaborative equipment, parallel computing, multi robot cooperative control, network resource allocation and so on. The research on multi-agent collaborative technology has become a hot spot in the field of artificial intelligence. The teachers in the laboratory of Nankai University verified the cooperative handling flight algorithm in the outdoor scene based on the UAV cluster research and development platform of the flight lab.


■  Project content

system composition

It is composed of high-precision outdoor positioning system, high-performance intelligent UAV experimental platform, industrial communication data link, high-performance control workstation and intelligent and efficient UAV formation collaborative control system.


Platform advantages

① The platform is equipped with a complete experimental guidance package (instructions, videos, routines), which can enable the school laboratory to focus on the research of the characteristics of cluster formation, test theoretical results, improve experimental efficiency, promote the integration process of teaching and research, and accelerate the progress of teaching and scientific research.

② Low cost, easy observation and real-time display of flight data, convenient and fast iterative design, and low dependence on the surrounding and hardware environment can help teaching and scientific researchers carry out long-term continuous experimental teaching activities.


 Core configuration


   Outdoor high-precision positioning module


   Outdoor trunking communication module


   UAV cluster cooperative control module


   Freesys x680 UAV platform



■ Application direction

① UAV cooperative formation ② task allocation ③ track planning ④ distributed cluster control ⑤ data fusion ⑥ information sensing ⑦ networking communication ⑧ visual tracking ⑨ target recognition ⑩ artificial intelligence application