solution 无线电系统解决方案
The "listening Assassin" system includes radio detection equipment, measurement and control link interference equipment, navigation deception equipment, etc,
Through information fusion and strategy control, the automatic defense capability for important
Use radio detection equipment to obtain the spectrum, trajectory and other situation information of the invading DRONE,
Guide the jamming equipment to block the back-end control, and guide the GPS decoy equipment to drive away and capture the "Heifei" DRONE.
Safe and controllable
It only needs to transmit signals in a short time, and there is no electromagnetic radiation around.
Independent and reliable
There is no need for human intervention in the whole process, and the data is stored on the disk.
Complete functions
It can detect, dispose and evaluate the whole area.
application context 应用场景
Port ships-Zhuoyi DRONE Port ships
 Core building-Zhuoyi DRONE Core building
Oilfield protection-Zhuoyi DRONE Oilfield protection
military-Zhuoyi DRONE military