Electronic countermeasure Field deployment is flexible and rapid, which can greatly expand the scope of investigation and conduct long-term investigation
Application overview 应用概述
By tethering the UAV air trunking communication platform, the headquarters issues the command of trunking voice combat, and obtains the trajectory, video and other information collected by the individual equipment of the combatants for real-time battlefie
technology roadmap 技术路线
技术路线-Zhuoyi DRONE
total solution 解决方案
Tianshu ts-x8l Nexus ts-a8 is equipped with electronic countermeasure equipment to conduct electronic jamming and real combat countermeasure in low altitude area, which is convenient for flexible deployment in the field, rapid and long-term investigation, and greatly expands the scope of investigation. Load and software
Radar / electronic countermeasure equipment-Zhuoyi DRONE Radar / electronic countermeasure equipment
Tianshu ts-x8l-Zhuoyi DRONE